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After a shipment has left Lift RC's premises, it is no longer the responsibility of Lift RC. Should an error occur, we will do our best to assist and advise the customer. 


Duties and Taxes


It is the customer's responsibility to educate themselves on importing products into their own country. The destination country sets the policies, laws, and tariffs for import. All orders that cross between borders may be subject to import fees, duties, and taxes. Duties, taxes, and all fees charged by the carrier are entirely the responsibility of the importer (customer) and no charges will be paid, refunded, or in anyway be the responsibility of Lift RC or it's parent company. 


Lift RC does have locations in multiple countries and products could be sent from whichever location has the products in stock. If you are concerned with having items shipped across borders, please contact our sales team for advice on the best practices for this. 


Lift RC and it's owners are criminally responsible for the value declared on customs forms and shipments. We will not declare values lower than those paid by the customer, as this does amount to smuggling and carries with it criminal charges. 


The most optimum method of shipping to avoid import fees is Canada Post. Canada Post will relay packages to your own national carrier (such as USPS in the USA). UPS and other private brokers are forced to be compliant on all shipments and will always charge a transaction fee. 


Shipping Methods and Times


Lift RC has negotiated rates with multiple carriers and has passed the savings on to our customers. We are unable to guarantee shipping method availability. For delivery times, please consult the following:


Canada Post: 







Although it is our goal to ship orders as soon as they have come in, some days are busier than others. Our goal is to have in-stock orders shipped within 1 business day, but we cannot guarantee this. If you have a very urgent need, please contact us directly and relay this to us so that we can put your order at the front of the queue.