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RotorX Raiju (RX155) FPV Micro Hex - ARF Kit (DIY)

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The RotorX RX155 “Raiju” hexwing is now available for pre-order again, and it’s exactly what you have always been looking for in a micro fpv drone racing platform.  No expense has been spared in the development of this little beast and it shows not only in performance, styling but also extreme durability.   Almost a full 12 months in the making, we are finally ready to offer the Raiju for direct sale through our store at LiftRC.  

 This kit is DIY! ARF in the multi-rotor world is a build it yourself kit with all the parts you need. 

The raiju is, in our humble opinion, the perfect FPV racing platform. It’s reduced size and weight means that while it can still reach almost 60mph/100kmh it only has around 1/10th of the potential energy of the larger/heavier 250 size racers. Capable of carrying the optional 808 HD camera for 720p footage, or even lifting a full Mobious for 1080p where desired with ease.

Flight times with our latest revisions, on the recommended 3s 950mah battery push 10 minutes (with 808), and that’s 10 minutes of soaring not boring.  The Raiju might be your perfect starter racer, or it could end up being the only drone you will ever need.





A single frame piece of 2mm thick pure carbon fibre which, at this scale, offers a near invincible backbone from which to build.  Custom durable flexible protectors cap the ends of the arms to further reduce damage to or from the raiju, while also preventing the ends of your CF plates from delaminating in hard crashes.   



The crowning jewel of the raiju design has to be the nigh on indestructible, computer designed, hand molded, lovingly polished carbon fibre canopy.  This formula 1 inspired canopy mimics the outline of a wingsuit, allowing the raiju to slice through the air with marginal lift and minimal drag when angled forward in race mode.



The entire build works with just 1 screw size, M2. 









The RX1104 motors have been engineered to be easy to install and maintain, but that’s the boring stuff.  These ‘Gatling’ motors are tiny powerhouses, capable of handling 3S and 4S operation which at this scale is unheard of.  


To handle the power of the gatling motors we have had to develop custom 3” propellers, the RX3020’s, while still being compatible with current 1.5mm shaft 3”(75mm) propellers.


Micro scale, 2gram monsters, OPTO, the sn20a ESC developed with DYS, BLHeli, Oneshot, Damped  Light/Regenerative braking.  These guys work great for every application, so why buy any other ESC?


Micro scale drones running 3S or 4S is the stuff of dreams, allowing you to choose between long 10 minute agressive flight times on 3S, or 3-4 explosiveminute flights on 4S. Currently we are only recommending a 3s 950 and 3s 610 battery for our fleet, but more options are in the works.


Flight Controller


Acro Naze32, the FPV racing standard, enough said.  Cleanflight preflashed so you can get straight into it with our recommended PID’s.

On Screen Display


The new micro minimosd allows you to connect to your flightcontroller to tune through your goggles and view realtime flight information from the FC.  Preflashed with MWOSD, with our recommended settings by MayMayDay.



When it boils down to it, you are responsible for where and how this drone flies and everything in this package is tailored towards having you in complete control.  There are no GPS systems, no follow me mode, this is purely for the fun of flying.






5.8ghz, 250mw, 32 channel FPV video transmitter that allows you to have amazingly clear long range video.  Capable of punching through dense forests at hundreds of meters with little to no breakup.  This lightweight and powerful unit utilizes the Dalrc module that is actually rated at over 850mw in testing.  While being available with RPSMA, we recommend removing this and mounting directly using our custom semi riged mounting antenna bracket.  The weakest part of any racer is usually the FPV antenna, and we have tried to make ours as durable as possible.



2.4ghz receiver ready, choose from our recommended lemonrx, flysky d4rii or really any receiver of your choice that has a small form factor when removed from it’s housing (PPM preferable).  Because you have the canopy to protect your precious electronics you can forgo the weighty cases that accompany most builds.



This is a DIY kit only, as assembly is not offered at this time (but very soon), we will give you detailed instructions on how to build it as we do along with preflashed hardware, alternatively you can come up with your own layout. In an attempt to save weight, increase crash durability and isolate from vibration, most electronics are mounted with 3M double sided tape on to the CF frame. A by product of this is that there are many configurations available to you. If requested, we will pre-flash hardware with the firmware versions and settings we use to make your life easier and get you in the air faster!


Each part in the list was selected for it's specific size and function, but if you have your own micro parts you can substitute that in there as well, although we would recommend using only the smallest parts available if you wish to have the canopy fit well.


Included in kit

  • 1x 2 mm thick 3K Carbon Fiber Raiju Hexacopter Frame (155mm) 
  • 6x 2S-4S capable, SN20A OPTO 20A 2gram micro electronic speed controllers. SimonK, BLHeli and Oneshot compatible. 
  • 2x Six pack RX3020 ABS propellers, 75mm Diameter (3 x CW 3 x CCW)
  • 6x Custom made RX1104 “Gatling” Brushless outrunner motor, weight 5g, 3600kv.\
  • 1x Authentic Acro Naze32 Flight Controller
  • 1x Witespy Micro MinimOSD
  • 1x 0.008Lux 520TVL Mini FPV Camera 90 degree angle 3.6-24V
  • 1x 200mw Hawkeye, 32 Channel, 5.8ghz Video Transmitter, with CP antenna
  • 1x Turnigy Nanotech 3S 850Mah LiPo battery
  • 1x Polulu 5V step down regulator




  • 808 Keychain Camera, #16, D Lens modification
  • FRSky d4r-ii 2.4ghz PPM receiver
  • Extra motors
  • Extra props
  • Extra batteries
  • 1x Hand shaped 1mm 3K carbon fiber canopy

Click here for the complete build guide to get your Raiju ready to FLY!

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