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Lift RC 2017 Reboot

Over the last two years Lift ARC had grown to something that none of us expected. Josh and Paul were busy with our other jobs and business ventures and left the running of lift RC to some people without the business management, customer service, and techincal expertise needed to run a business like this one. Over the last year this decision has proven to be bad for customer experience. When we first started the company early in 2015 we were known for cusotomer service and fast shipping. Without us at the helm we were unable to maintain this high level of customer experience. 

Starting in September with the departure of Connor we put a plan in place to reform the company from the ground up. Below are some of the many changes we have made.




Accurate stock

We didn't have items in stock when the website said we did. Customers were waiting for months to have products shipped.

We have moved our inventory to a fulfillment center run by fulfillment professionals. We have also invested in an inventory management system that will not let you purchase products that are not in stock.

See our new In-stock Guarantee below. We are putting our money where are mouths are.


Shipping was expensive and unreliable. Once an order finally shipped, it was expensive and sometimes took months longer to arrive.

Our fulfillment partners have fast, reliable, and affordable shipping options.

Watch for free shipping offers on a regular basis.

Customer Service

Requests falling on deaf ears, a lack of real expertise, and unsatisfactory answers to questions and requests

We have cleaned house. None of the staff are the same. We have hired professional customer service reps and those reps are backed by the names you already know and trust, like Matty Stuntz.

In Stock Guarantee

We guarantee that the website is accurate when it tells you something is in stock. If you purchase something from Lift RC and it is not in stock, we will immediately refund the price of that item AND give you a 5% store credit! 


Free shipping offer for USA and Canada only. Free shipping service will be chosen by our fulfillment partner and may not include tracking. 

20% discount is applied to your entire cart does not apply to DJI products. This offer is not intended to conflict with any reslae agreements and MAP agreements with suppliers and manufacturers. 

The in stock guarantee credit is limited to $50 total in store credit. This is not retroactive and applies only to orders on or after December 2nd, 2016.